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Hello, followers! We hope you had a fantastic holiday and a wonderful New Year, and know that you will forgive us for our unannounced quasi-hiatus now that we come bearing swag.

Given that January 9th marks the second anniversary of this blog, Jet and Kaye thought it might be nice to do one of those giveaway thingummies that so many blogs do. So we have things for you courtesy of Neverwear, Neil Himself, and Neil’s very fine assistant, Fabulous Lorraine!


There is also one OTHER PRIZE (there’s probably a better term for that actually, but oh well):

(Originally we were going to attach these bookplates to books, and then we realized that our Extra Copies had mysteriously Vanished —  i.e., accidentally been donated — so now you may attach your bookplate wherever you so desire!)


  • The deadline is January 9th, 2012.
  • Both likes and reblogs count as an entry, but you may only like and reblog once (so you get two entries, total). Repeats won’t count.
  • You do not need to be following this blog, though it would of course be nice!
  • Please have your ask box enabled. This is how we’ll get in touch with you if you win. If you don’t have your ask box enabled, we’ll redraw.


  • The bookplate close-up is just so you actually know what it looks like, since (especially in the Cabal prize) the little buggers proved elusive to photograph nicely.
  • Winners in the US will not need to pay shipping & handling; winners outside of the US will need to pay shipping & handling. Sorry about that! We are, alas, broke twenty-somethings.
  • Winners will be decided with this handy-dandy randomizer.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!

Good luck, and happy New Year!

We have a picture of Cabal in sunglasses. Of course a use of this meme was inevitable.

You know, here at fycabal(+lola) we get one question repeatedly, and that question is: how does one tell these dogs apart?

Now, we know not everyone is as weirdly into dogs as we are, and scoffing at our laptop screens all, “Come on isn’t it OBVIOUS” is not helpful to you readers whatsoever. Because we kind of get it. They’re both big white dogs.

(We don’t actually scoff. We go “This question again? Man we should really make a post addressing that. And link it somewhere obvious.” Which turns into a debate about whether that would actually stop people asking the question, which turns into forgetting the question was asked in the first place because we start watching The Call of Cthulhu or something and then the question goes unanswered and the post never goes up).

But now! Things must change! We must be proactive about this! I swear to God I’m going to stop rambling and answer the question now!


  • The dignified wolfy one with a liver-colored nose and ears the size of two small satellite dishes is Cabal (in the top picture he is in front, thinking deep thoughts about grass).
  • The sassy foxy one with a black nose and taller, but thinner ears who is often caught doing deeply undignified things is Lola (in the top picture she is in the back, looking very much like she’s about to tackle something).

So here we are. Now you, too, can tell the Gaiman dogs apart like someone who blogs about them.

Hey, Cabal and Lola lovers! Check out this project! ›

As a portrait artist, I’m in the storytelling business. They’re not my stories to tell, necessarily, but somehow through the miracle of the interwebs, or by word of mouth, or just plain luck, people find me and ask me to tell them in their stead. Through art.

These stories range from the joyous (wedding portraits!) to the heartbreaking (a lost pet) and everything in between.

I make people cry.

A lot.

In this calendar, and through these images, I’ll be sharing the stories of clients who have supported me as an artist, as well as those that are just finding me.

I hope to do your stories justice.

Your funding will: - Pay for printing and production costs of the calendar - Include shipping for your reward, if selected*

Portfolio: Press: Blog:

*Portrait images are subject to artist approval

This lovely lady has submitted her gorgeous portraits to us before, and we hope she can get funding for what promises to be an awesome calendar. Donate if you can, and reblog!

Everyone loves stickers! AND NOW YOU CAN GET ONE WITH CABAL ON IT.

Click-through for Neverwear.