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Upworthy has a Tumblr now. Tumblrs are cool.



Our mission, now that we have chosen to accept it, is simple: We want to make meaningful things go as crazy-viral as Keyboard Cat (and now you have that song stuck in your head). And you — yes you, right there, reading this sentence right now — can help.

We believe that the world would be a better place if more people knew more stuff — not only that gay marriage should be legal or that women should have the right to choose, but that people should probably stop ignoring the TQ part of LGBTQ, that Neil Gaiman gives ridiculously inspirational graduation speeches, how Wall Street managed to get an extra $16 trillion (seriously, what the hell?), and that the word “fat” isn’t really an insult, among other things.

So, really, there’s no better place for us to be than Tumblr.

On this here blog you’ll find some stuff that isn’t on our website, some stuff that is, some stuff we made ourselves, and some stuff you might’ve found for us (we’re big on attribution). It’ll be a hodgepodge, but it’ll all be totally Upworthy.

If you’re still not sure what that will look like, we compiled this handy list of aspirations for you …

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If you’ve been wondering where I (Kaye) have been, or why this blog and the dog blog have been so sporadically updated — well, now you know. My full-time job is now social media and finding Important Stuff on the Internet, but sadly not always involving Neil Gaiman (though involving Neil Gaiman oftener than strictly necessary, I’m sure).

Anyway! I am going to do my best to at least more regularly stock the queue of both blogs and, er, not let them run empty for weeks at a time, but forgive me if things get a little slow now and again. Digital media moves fast.

Oh, and if you’re interested in following the above blog or my shenanigans on Upworthy, you’re free and encouraged, mainly because I need to do things like pay rent and buy food. 

x Kaye

P.S. Running these blogs were part of the reason I got the above job in the first place. Being a little bit creepy about someone’s pets and doing it relatively well for a while can actually get you places. Who knew?!

Trying not to miss an audience with this explanation, here. Hugs! Kisses! Other displays of affection!

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Kaye got laryngitis and the nastiest upper respiratory infection ever; Jet has been crying over manga and doing Theater Things. Dogs begin again… now!

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Read Lorraine’s entire blog entry here; these are just some excerpts.

The MRI showed no disc problems. This would be the Good News. The bad news is they then moved up the spine, and now believe it is something at the site of his previous neck surgery.

Good news: It is not an obvious Horrible Tumor. And the Thing they took out a few months ago was not a Horrible Cancerous Tumor.

But something is pressing on his Spine at the site. We don’t yet know how we are going to treat it, but it does not have to be done tonight on an emergency basis. The Doctors today want his Neurologist to have a look and see on Monday.

They may have to go in and see. It may be treatable with aggressive anti-inflammatory meds. We don’t know.

Cabal may get to come home tomorrow, until Monday. We are going to talk about that tomorrow afternoon. It will depend on how we think he is doing. It would be better for him mentally (and for me) if he was home with me by him. But it also may be better for him to be where a group of people who know what they are doing can be with him in case he can’t walk entirely, or if he gets worse.

And also, because we mustn’t forget her:

Lola, as I know you will ask, is also very upset, but know that we are taking good care of her too, she does have a couple of dog friends, and we are arranging Play Dates, walks, and lots of love for her too.

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As you may or may not know, Cabal is in the hospital.

From Fabulous Lorraine’s blog (on Wednesday):

Our Cabal is in sad shape. I noticed yesterday that he was having trouble moving and walking. He wasn’t RIGHT. Called the vets, (he has several, hence the plural) and when I spoke to them this morning, they seemed to share my thoughts that it wasn’t his leg, but perhaps, again neurological (Thank you again spell check)
After a visit today, it seems that he now has a Disc Problem, in the lower lumbar region. This may heal medically and it may not. About 80% of the time it will. If it doesn’t, we MRI and go from there.
He is now on complete “Bed Rest” This means no playing, running, no off leash, on meds, only walking when needed, the remainder of the time lying DOWN and resting. For at least two weeks.

As of right now (according to Fabulous Lorraine’s Twitter), he is awaiting an MRI at the University of MN vet clinic; we will update when she knows more. Obviously, as we are both far too attached to a dog we’ve never met, we’re worried and keeping an eye on Fabulous Lorraine’s Twitter and blog. Neil’s not got Twitter access at the moment. Our thoughts (and yours, we’re sure, inveterate dog-lover that you surely are to be following this blog) are with him!

Kaye and Nora

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Hello fellow large white dog lovers!

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. It isn’t because of lack of material, as any you who follow Neil on Twitter know, and he has sent us many very lovely pictures. They will be coming - I intend to queue a good many of them tomorrow (I being Kaye). The fact of the matter is that I am not having the easiest of times at the moment, and Nora is still without internet about 98% of the time. We are doing our best! Thank you for the messages about pictures on twitter, we appreciate them immensely.

Thank you for your patience, guys.

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Since a couple of people have asked: what’s going on with Cabal?

Unfortunately, not good things.

Fabulous Lorraine explains:

He has a growth of some sort, not likely a tumor, pressing on his spine. This compression is causing neurological problems. He can’t tell where his feet are exactly. They are hoping to remove it, and things will work properly.

It’s risky, working on the spine, they tell me. He will have to be there some days after surgery, recovering. He goes in for the surgery on Tuesday.

The lesser operation is for his ACL tendon, the same he had on his other leg a year ago. It’s fairly straight forward, and won’t be any worse from waiting to see if the first surgery works. He’ll have that when his Doctors deem he is ready for it.

So. We don’t have any more information than what’s said right up there (we are not Cabal’s vets or owners, after all). Keep him in your thoughts or, if prayers are your thing, your prayers. Some of you remember I (Kaye) have said I worked at a vet hospital, but I’m sorry guys, I really don’t have any insight.

Smiles though! Positive thoughts work wonders. I’m sure your concern is enormously appreciated - you guys are all amazing.

(And for the few people who’ve asked if we’re Done Updating Forever: worry not! We have merely been busy).


Kaye and Nora

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