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clocklocklock asked: i just followed this blog thanks to neil gaiman himself and thanks to the fact that the dogs are absolutely beautiful. i'm sorry if this has been addressed a million times before, but do you know what breed they are? i hoped it would be mentioned somewhere-- anywhere-- but it isn't. :c they look like tamaskans to me, but I may be wrong, since i'm not an expert. thanks in advance for answering my question!

They are German Shepherds!

Anonymous asked: is this blog dead? :(

I can see why you would think that, given it has not been updated in about two months and this message sat in our inbox for two weeks.

The short answer: no, it is not! 

The longer answer involves completion of an undergraduate thesis, graduation from university, a new job that was meant to be part-time but has abruptly taken up full-time and then some, a second part-time job, moving out of ancestral childhood homes, and Life. Life has a tendency to make everything slightly more difficult.

However! Now that life is calming down somewhat I have significantly more time to contribute to blogs I run for fun, like this one (and like fuckyeahgaiman). You will therefore be seeing more posts here, there, and everywhere.



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rivervox asked: Very excited for the giveaway. Do I need to like and reblog the contest post or can I reblog one of my favorite photos of the Dogs?

You should like and reblog the contest post in order to be entered into the contest :)

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spacedlaw asked: I have a few pictures of Cabal and Lola for your collection: Where do i send them?

You can submit them! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was turned off.

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secondgalaxytotheright asked: Cabal and Lola are both short haired, right? that's what it looks like but in some pictures it's hard to tell!

They’re medium-haired. German Shepherds are a double-coated breed, meaning they have an overcoat that sheds year-round and a thick undercoat. Not all dog breeds are double-coated, but German Shepherds don’t come short-haired. There is a long-haired variety, but that gene is recessive and not accepted by AKC standards (UK kennel club and German kennel club standards vary).

josalright-deactivated20111014 asked: Who ever you are, bless you for this blog.

We are but sarcastic, somewhat cynical young persons with an unabashed love for dogs. If you are ever so slightly creepy about the pets of your favorite author, perhaps you too can be the owner of an illustrious blog dedicated to those pets. WHO KNOWS. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THIS WORLD.

(And thank you very, very much!) 

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