You know, here at fycabal(+lola) we get one question repeatedly, and that question is: how does one tell these dogs apart?

Now, we know not everyone is as weirdly into dogs as we are, and scoffing at our laptop screens all, “Come on isn’t it OBVIOUS” is not helpful to you readers whatsoever. Because we kind of get it. They’re both big white dogs.

(We don’t actually scoff. We go “This question again? Man we should really make a post addressing that. And link it somewhere obvious.” Which turns into a debate about whether that would actually stop people asking the question, which turns into forgetting the question was asked in the first place because we start watching The Call of Cthulhu or something and then the question goes unanswered and the post never goes up).

But now! Things must change! We must be proactive about this! I swear to God I’m going to stop rambling and answer the question now!


  • The dignified wolfy one with a liver-colored nose and ears the size of two small satellite dishes is Cabal (in the top picture he is in front, thinking deep thoughts about grass).
  • The sassy foxy one with a black nose and taller, but thinner ears who is often caught doing deeply undignified things is Lola (in the top picture she is in the back, looking very much like she’s about to tackle something).

So here we are. Now you, too, can tell the Gaiman dogs apart like someone who blogs about them.

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